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  1. Hi, In addition to the apparent xyz survey calculation error, I do not understand why for the part of the borehole that is to be vertical (the section from the surface to the kick-off point) is not calculated or drawn as such. For example if I have a set of xyz data for my borehole location and the depth to the kick off point is 500 meters that is the same as saying the the set of xyz data for that point would be the same xy location and at 500 meters less elevation. That should give me a straight line but Rockworks does not calculate it that way but rather starts an easy curve from the surface to the first intersect point. How can this be resolved?
  2. Hi, I am having a problem when I choose to change the values in a borehole orientation table. When I am planning a well, I frequently need to try different borehole construction arrangements and it is very convenient to just save a rwDat file of the Depth, Azmith and Inclination data and then just open it or close it as I need to to replace the current data. This works quite well but rather frequently I get an error message that says something like "Could not update the file because some data may have been changed since the last time it was opened" Could you look into this?
  3. Hi, In the Create Optimum Path Borehole Survey Table I select that the inclination should be listed as (Down = 0). However, the result is in terms of (Down = -90). This creates a problem when I copy and paste these values into the borehole manager because the borehole path does not plot correctly.
  4. Hi Molly, Thanks, the TD option within the Striplog menĂº does not calculate what I am looking for. I have used the Utilities / Linears / Lineation Properties / 3D program and although it does calculate the needed values, it is a bit cumbersome. It would be nice if Rockworks could capitalize on its relational borehole database so that it would not be necessary to resort to the Utilities sheet to do what should be considered as common every-day calculations between boreholes. Thanks again for your help.
  5. Hi Molly, Thanks for the tip. The export to Excel worked out fine, although the process is a little awkward. What I like about that is that it allows me to calculate true distances multiple points points in more than one wellbore, something that I have still not figured out how to do within the Rockworks environment. However, it would be nice if the option to visualize xyz coordinates were still available in the Borehole manager as it was previously. Edward
  6. Hi, I am am using Rockworks 16 V.5 and am trying to display XYZ data columns in the data tables of the Borehole Manager but I do not see the menu option View/Show XYZ values option indicated in the Rockworks 16 Help file.
  7. I know that Rockworks 2D lets you snap to lines and verticies because I have seen it done online in a webinar. However, I am having some difficulty with this because it seems that the snapping is being done to lines and or vertices that I am not trying to snap to. I know about the control click and the shift click operations but evidently I must be doing something wrong. . .
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