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  1. Thanks for your advices. They helped me a lot. Although I have some more questions. Apart from 3D porosity model I tried to do fence diagrams and sections of porosity model (only for one formation) in P-data column. I chose stratabound (top and base of formation) in the same way like for 3D model but at the resulting drawing I have upper part of fence as if it is 0 porosity area - is it possible not to have it at all (only one formation). Beside I think that upper 0 porosity area has an impact on interpolated porosity values within formation for which I want do do a fence/section/profile. How can I obtain a fence/section of modeled P-data for only one formation (without displaying upper formation). How to modify legend settings? As far as P-data model is concern, is it possible after creating a model get a slice of it (if so, how?) or should it be done by creating a profile or fence using model file? Thanx a lot
  2. Thanks for some tips. I how additional quetions: 1. Should I have porosity data in P-Data column (I work with lab data) and create porosity model for one layer in P-Data column? 2. When choosing startabound for porosity model I am supposed to use those unit_top. grid and unit_bottom. grid that were created while making stratigraphy model?I tried to do that in this way but only part of formation for which I want to make porosity model appeared (as if data from not all wellbores were included)-does it matter that for different wellbores I have different number of data points and they are from different depths in these wells. If not how to do that. Is it possible to choose as bottom model boundary depth of water level? 3. While making stratigraphy model when I choose kriging metod error occurs (Kriging error #1023 (unable to start simplex)). Why is that? 4. Which modeling metod would you recomend for porosity modeling and for stratigraphy modeling?
  3. Hello How can I create a 3D model or profile, section, fence diagram of only one formation. I would like to make a model of porosity distribution within only one layer without displaying formations that lie above it. Is it possible to have also the surface of formation top within the same model. If possible how can I do that? Chris
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