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  1. Molly, I updated to this new version over lunch hour and now it crashes upon startup. Access violation. I sent you a copy of the bugfile. I am up against the clock to get a project out today. Please take a look and feel free to call if you have questions. (307) 224-5021
  2. LeoGeo


    Is it possible to import MapInfo data into Rockworks 16?
  3. I have recently joined a team whose geologist is working in MapInfo. I am trying to import his files into rockworks and build on his work. However, I cannot seem to get any of his files to come in. I was hoping someone had some experience getting this to work.
  4. I uploaded the new version this morning and immediately started having problems finding the landbase file to calculate coordinates. Anyone else having this problem or better yet a solution? Can I go back to the old version?
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