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  1. Yes that's useful thank you.
  2. How come some of my individual models display top of and bottom of files for individual formations, whereas other models do not? It would be useful for me to have these files for every model. Thanks.
  3. Hi I wondered if you could help me with this problem i'm having in setting up a model... The model comprises of a Triassic-aged mudstone with a very heterogeneous Quaternary-aged glacial till on top. As there is an unconformity present between the two layers, I want the mudstone to remain as a single layer (maybe varying in the underground topography) followed by till on top. The till is quite complex and obviously sand lenses etc within it will pinch out, but I don't want any of the mudstone to be detached from the main underlying layer. I have created my BH logs, but wondered if I need to create the mudstone as part of the stratigraphy and be one type of lithology, while the till has many types of lithologies within it. I am a little confused with it, as I am still getting used to this software. Any help is greatly appreciated, Many thanks, Adrian
  4. shadyaidy

    X/Y Spacing

    Hi, Just probably a stupid question but... how can I determine what spacing to use for my areas? I want it fairly accurate, Z-spacing is usually on 1.0, but when I change the X or Y-spacing the surface maps totally change. This really confuses, as it should be a simple start to a project. Example of co-ords: Xmin: 432,300.0 Xmax: 432,550.0 Zmin: 118.0 Ymin: 306,050.0 Ymax: 306,300.0 Zmax: 127.0 Any ideas on spacing? Thanks, Adrian
  5. Hi, Is there anyway to show an irregular surface unconformity from boreholes, rather than the unconformity being shown as a series of typically straight and linear beds? Also, can the geological surface maps show the different lithological boundaries more rounded than being angular? Or is this just normal, due to the lack of information within the specific area from boreholes? Many thanks.
  6. OK thanks for that, very useful. Although, when I create a fence diagram of the boreholes most of the diagram is filled with a red and black tube, I can remove the black one but not the red. Can the logs not be moved up or down according their elevations instead of surface profile lines? My logs don't appear in very good resolution, as they are sometimes only 1 metre in depth, is there a way to improve this? Cheers.
  7. Another quick question... I am trying to create a surface model of the geology. Admittedly it is only a simple one but I need a grid file. I have created a grid file very easily in Surfer 8.0 of the topography but doesn't appear compatible (even though the extension is .grd), it comes up with an error. The parameters appear to be the same. Is there any other way to create a topographic layout (.grd) to 'drape' over the model from my borehole heights? Any help is appreciated! Thanks, Adrian
  8. Hi, I'm kind of new to RockWorks but do I have to configure the scale parameters of the project? I create a fence diagram or map and the eastings etc are shown/measured in feet, i'd like them to be in metres. Cheers, Adrian
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