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  1. I keep getting the attached error message when I try to create 3D lithology models and cross sections. All my projects are generally set up the same and I have never seen this message before. I browsed through my project to see if find could find any characters that would cause this issue but I didn't see anything suspicious. I may just need an experienced set of eyes to glance at my project. I sent my project to [email protected] already. Error Message.pdf
  2. Brian, Unfortunately reinstalling it did not work. I also have one more problem I am encountering since I've upgraded to RW 17- When I export images to PNG from the any of the 3D programs, the image shrinks the higher I make the resolution.
  3. Good morning, I am currently trying to export images to google earth. I use the following path: Borehole manager >> map>> Borehole locations (google earth advance) >> then I leave all standard settings. When the image exports X's are seen rather than the borehole raster images. The same thing happens when I try to view the project dimensions in google earth. A giant X shows up. I've only had this problem since I've upgraded to RW-17. Is this issue stemming from other settings or preferences I could possible have turned on/off? I've looked for settings within the preferences menu and nothing I see really applies. I've attached to images as an example of what I am seeing. Thanks, Raechel 2015-12-15_10-20-17.pdf 2015-12-15_10-08-46.pdf
  4. Hi Tom, I'm still not seeing how to copy the symbol to all boreholes. Where is that option located? I am in the utilities manager but I am still only able to change them one at a time. Thank you, Raechel
  5. Good morning, I would like to convert all the current raster symbols to another symbol all at once. Is there anyway to do this? Also, is there any way to change the default raster symbol so that the program will automatically assign the raster image I prefer using? Thank you, Raechel Michaelis
  6. Hello, Can somebody please tell me why the Stratigraphic depths in the 2D cross section do not intersect the same formations through the boreholes when I plot them together? regards, Raechel Michaelis
  7. Thanks Molly. I will do this tomorrow.
  8. Thank you! I will probably end up doing a combination as well since I need to go back and add P-data to already existing bores. Do the depths have to start from zero? I tried creating new boreholes with the layout you suggested and it is still freezing up... Maybe tomorrow I will email my spreadsheet in to see if im just missing something... Raechel
  9. Good morning, I am also have an issue importing my P-data. The difference is I am creating new projects and importing new boreholes. All the other information is importing correctly... location, stratigraphy, lithology etc... I am setting up my excel tab as follows: Borehole, depth, Gamma, total Gas A 5063 93 104 A 5064 82 93 I am also going to the types column and defining column names. Every time I hit the P-data tab it freezes. Am I setting up my excel data wrong? Thanks, Raechel
  10. Thank you Tom. I have done what you suggested and I am still running in to an issue. I have been importing my data as follows: File > Import > Excel > Multiple Tables. All the data including Lat and long populate the correct fields. Again, my only problem is when I try to convert them to eastings and northings I get the following message as soon as I click the "To Eastings/Northing" button: qLocData: Dataset not in edit or insert mode. I noticed that if I copy and paste my lat and long, hand type it, or simple erase and retype a digit at the end - the program will convert them to eastings and northings just fine. I am working with very large data sets so I would like to be as time efficient as possible. Do you have any other suggestions? Thanks again, Raechel
  11. Good Morning, Every time I try to convert my decimal latitude and Longitude to Easting and Northing I get the following message: qLocData: Dataset not in edit or insert mode. What do I need to do in order for my lats and longs to be converted? regards, Raechel
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