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  1. Thank you Tom. I was wondering if you have any tutorial on this topic that you could share with me?
  2. Hi, I was just wondering if it is possible to import 3d models of lets say an underground mine or a tunnel from AutoCAD into Rockworks and draw the 3d lithology in conjunction with these models?
  3. Hi, I am pretty new to RockWorks, have gone through most of the tutorials but I'm stuck at drawing 2D single log and lithology model. My data consists of borehole information that was collected underground and the boreholes were drilled up the in a mine roof (I changed this in borehole orientation information in the software manually by making the inclination 90 degrees). The software is able to generate 3d multiple and single borehole display but does not show anything for 2d single log and gives an error when I try to draw 3d lithology model (Zero points extracted. Check data and filter options). Also, this is not letting me upload my .xlsx file I would be grateful if anyone could help me out. Thank you. Shrey
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