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  1. footer section disappeared

    I finally found the sollution of the problem myself. It appears that if you lower the boundary between header and body sections, the footer section is lowered too and disappears from the screen. Looks like a small bug to me :-)
  2. footer section disappeared

    Hello Mitch, Thanks for you reply. I allready restored the default settings. This doesn't change the situation. If I try to resize the program window, the "bottom" of the window always stays below my Windows taskbar at the bottom of my screen. It seems that it's impossible to "lift" the lowest part of my program window below the Windows taskbar. Very strange... Do you think I should re-install the program?
  3. footer section disappeared

    Hello, The footer section of my logplot design window has disappeared. When I open a logplot design template, I see the header and body sections, but no footer section. Also the scroll bar to scroll down has disappeared. I don't know how this has happened. Is this some kind of setting?
  4. Fonts in 'Description editor'

  5. Creating PDF Images of a Continous LogPlot Log

    The program "PDF Creator" works just fine for this. You can download it for free at http://sector7g.wurzel6.de/pdfcreator/
  6. Fonts in 'Description editor'

    Is it possible to change text fonts (underline, bold, italic,...) in the 'description editor' (for text of the litholgy description column)? If not, would it be possible to add this function in the description editor? Thanks!
  7. Undo function

    Is it possible to introduce an "UNDO" function in the design window? I mean a simple "button" to undo any manipulation of a log body or header/footer item, like in MS word/excel or drawing programs like Coreldraw etc.
  8. next item for wish list

    Yes, I know that possibility. But actually I mean a function to group several different items together for once and for all, like you can do with graphic items in any drawing program (Coreldraw, Adobe Photoshop,...) and even in MS Word. In a way that you don't have to select all different items who belong to a certain "group" of items, each time you want to move this group of items a little bit. I hope I made my point clear now :-) Thank you!
  9. next item for wish list

    I was wondering if you could insert a "group" function for header items, so it becomes possible to move a goup of items as a whole, once after you ordered them. Thank you, Berten Smekens Project geologist G-tec SA Blegny, Belgium