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  1. Thank you very much for your fast and clear answer! It is exaclty what I needed
  2. Hello, I am creating a TOUGH2 model with 40 rock properties. In order to adjust my model, I am interested to update these 40 rock properties based on an equation I have created. I wonder if there is a way to do update these rock properties, without having to do it manually each time, since it is too long. One solution could be to load a "model.dat" file with updated rock properties. However, I noticed that a new "model.dat" file is created during each new run, thus I seems not possible with this solution. Do you have any idea how it could be done? Thank you in advance for your answer/help Best Thomas
  3. Hello, You can try to reduce plot steps (output controls), and check/see system evolution with 3D results. Maybe your system is cooling What temperature did you use to fix top boundary ?
  4. Hello, In order to set initial pressure condition, I fixed first layer at atmospheric pressure. As top boundary, I used topography with separated file input. My model is “2D” : X : 0=>3000 m, Y : 0=>1 m and Z : top topography=> -3000 m, with default initial conditions for 1 material. When running, I've got error : “simulation halted prematurely” when using a too high mesh grid ( 15 x cells mesh or more) (Figure 1) but no problem with low mesh grid, 10 x cells mesh or less (Figure 2). Could you help me to resolve this problem ? I try to used less topography data without success. However, without any topography (Zmax = 0), there is no problems for running , with high or less cells mesh. Best regards, Thomas
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