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    Hey, I am trying to produce a stratigraphy cross section in an area that has a number of faults. I am using the inverse distance method with the fault box ticked to interpolate the section however the interpolated section doesn't come close to matching the actual data. Is there anythng else I shoud do also what does the fault multipier number do? Thanks Beth
  2. sidlowbeth


    Hey, I am trying to pot a series of faults on my surface data however when they plot on the map they have shifted to the left and are not where I know they should be. Is there any way of ensuring the faults are in the right place? Thanks Beth
  3. Hey Is it possible to colour code the borehole location data when constructing a borehole location map? I have three different types of bores that I am trying to map onto the location map and the map only produces black borehole points, can we change this so that there are three different colours, one for each borehole type? Thanks Beth
  4. Hey Is it possible to convert dip/dip direction data into strike/dip data in order to create the strike dip map, or even create a map of the dip/dip direction data? Thanks Beth
  5. sidlowbeth


    Hey, The data that I am working with, has a number of faults located throughout it. Is there any way of entering this data into the model and produce a stragriphic section that takes this information into consideration? Thanks Beth
  6. We have been trying to model a dataset using the interpolating data option in stratigraphy however we are unable to get the borehole data to fit the interpolated model. The data has an unconformity and while the first few layers match up reasonably well anything below the unconformity fails to match the borehole data. Any hints on how rockworks can fix this? Thanks Beth
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