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  1. Molly to answer your questions: 1. In 3D logs (and section/fence panels) the program does not display vector pattern designs for lithology or stratigraphy intervals. Instead, it uses the background color you've selected for that lith or strat type. Answer: This is information I am placing in the patterns tab of the borehole manager not in stratigraphy or lithology tabs. Does this hold for the patterns tab too. 2.For this reason you should be sure to pay as much attention to the background colors you choose as to the pattern design for the rock type. When you say the pattern changes don't show up, do you mean in the pattern table itself, or when you generate a 2D log or section? Answer: When I generate the 3D multilog within striplogs. 3. Have you updated your version recently? Yes, I will download the latest and rerun to make sure though. Sally
  2. Hello Are solids the only patterns that will show up in Multilogs 3d. I can zoom in all I want and it does not change. I can play with the density of the patterns and that does not change the result either. Are solids the only option? Any suggestions? Also when you change the patterns, the changes often do not show up until you get out of rockworks and get back in. Is there a place I can save the changes without getting out of the program? Thanks Sally PS I really like the forum. Thanks for adding it . Thank you for your history of prompt support. It really makes you stand out in the crowd.
  3. I would like to use elevations in the patterns table within borehole manager. Can I do this? I have a stickup that I would like to represent which means it is negative ft above ground surface level. Can I use elevations instead? Observation. The patterns you pick within the patterns tab within borehole manager do not always look like what you get when you click on striplogs and single log 2d. I finally picked symbols in the patterns that looked something like the output but I had a bunch of failures first. What you see is what you get does not apply. Is this a correct observation
  4. We may look at log plot later but for now we want to use RW2004. It is not perfect but I can get around it by setting distinct intervals in patterns. 12.29 13.29 2/3.0/16777215/0/3 sand 13.29 22.79 29/4.0/16777215/0/3 screen 22.79 25.1 2/3.01/16777215/0/3 sand The sand layer actually goes throught the screen layer. This works but why does pattern I set in the pattern tab not show up when I pick strip logs single log (2d). It defaults to something entirely different. Thanks Marcella An Attachment of what it defaults to. Can I list my depth intervals as elevation or does it have to be depth. I want the top of the casing to show and it is - feet but it would be positive elevation
  5. Hello, I have a lot of wells and boreholes I have entered in Rock works 2004. I am trying to get overlapping patterns to show up but I am not having much luck. The patterns that I select under the pattern tab do not show up when I look at single log under striplogs. Under patterns tab -2.03 22.80 239/3.0/16711680/16711680/2 PVC casing 0.00 16.30 9/3.0/16777215/0/1 Seal Bent 17.3 22.0 4/2.0/16777215/0/1 screen 16.3 22.8 2/2.0/16777215/0/1 sand I can get a clear pattern if I pretend they are distinct sections but this is not what we want. We want the logs to show the overlapping areas. Can anyone point me to where I can find out how to properly lay this out so I do not have to make a lot of changes within Rockplot. The attachment is what I get from the above. Thanks
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