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  1. Hi, I would like to create a video which reveals my stratigraphic model ( Rockplot3D - File > Animations > Model Reveal ) But, I have an error message : "No models were found". But I opened my stratigraphic model with rockplot 3D (Cf Attached Files). Thanks for your time Loann
  2. Hi ! The kriging interpolation creates errors which are normally calculated. I would like to know how can I plot the error map for each surface of my stratigraphic model ? Thanks, Have a good day, Loann
  3. Hi! I need some help please. I would like to combine 3 model 3D (Rw3D) with the "3D Utilities" tool but I must insert my 3 Rw3D files into the datasheet with the column 1, 2, 3, etc ... How do you do this, please? Because the Utilities ask to translate the Rw3d file into RwDat but the "3D Utilities" tools operate with a Rw3d file ?! Thanks, Have a good day, Loann
  4. Hi, I would like to know if it's possible to force a stratigraphic model with a surface geologic map ? Consequently, is it possible to force two layers to go through a line that comes from a surface geologic map, please ? Otherwise, I think that the only solution is to create some virtuals boreholes, doesn't it ? Thanks, Loann
  5. Hi I would like to know how does the kriging interpolation of RockWorks operate ? I valid the "automatic variogram" options and I don't understand how RockWorks determines the best variogram with the highest correlation. But, I'm surprising because RockWorks doesn't test each types of variogramm, does it? It must be time... And, to choice the highest interpolation, is that Rockworks choose method which have the least error of estimation? Thank you very much Have a good day Loann
  6. Hi, Thanks you very much for your reply, it helps me a lot. Concerning the construction of the stratigraphic model, when the grid file is interpolated from surrounding boreholes, what's happen between those grid nodes? In 2D map, we can see many pixels but in 3D model, it seems to me that the 3D model is nearly continue. Is that Rockworks makes a second interpolation between grid nodes and no with my borehole's data ? Once again, thanks Loann
  7. Hi, Thanks you for your quick reply. However, I already add the unit with the same top and base depth (zero thickness) to the boreholes. But, I see another topic named "Modeling Pinchout points for a cross section" and maybe I found a solution. I think that the spacing of my grid model isn't small enough to represent changes between closely spaced nodes. I will try this solution. Therefore, I have a question on the interpolation (kriging) : How does the model interpolate my borehole's data? Is it this method : Rockwork doesn't built the model from my borehole's data but Rockwork creates a raster of points where each node is interpolated from my borehole's data? I sincerely thank you for your help, Have a nice day, Loann
  8. Hi, I need some help in my stratigraphic model. I have many layers in many place with a zero thickness but the interpolation (kriging) adds a thickness which is not zero. How do I force the interpolation to pass by those points of zero thickness layer, please ? I don't want that the model adds a layer which don't exist in my data. Thanks you very much, Have a good day, Loann
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