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  1. Hi, I’m about to purchase a computer to run the PetraSim. Since it has been 12 years from the above answer, so I am wondering if this answer is still valid. Thank you.
  2. Hi, I am trying to run 10 years of simulation with 10 different annual boundary conditions using 10 different 1-year simulation with restart option. It works fine until 9th year, but when I tried to run 10th year with 9th year’s ‘SAVE’ and ‘savechem’ data, it failed with the message, “Simulation Halted Prematurely”. What is weird is, I can still run 10th year simulation using 8th year’s ‘SAVE’ file and 9th year’s ‘savechem’ file, but the result starts from year 8 to year 10. (Even though I set start and end time from 9 to 10 year). Can I regard this data as year 10 simulation? Because I bel
  3. HI I made a simple 1-D horizontal aquifer with injection cell at the left end and found out the fluid velocity was exactly proportional to the injection rate (If I double the rate, velocity also doubled) However, when I expand this model into 2-D (by piling up the above 1-D models, which makes x-z plane. To make the horizontal flow dominant, permeability in z direction was set as three order less than the one in x direction) and extend to 1 Km, it isn't linearly proportional any more. (the velocity remains same even after I increased the injection rate at the left end cells 10 times higher, f
  4. Thank you for the information, so do I need to purchase PetraSim v2015 or can I update it? FYI, when I compared the fields in <solute.inp> in two manuals (V 2.0 vs. V3.0), there is additional fields in the newer version, and the one generated from PetraSim doesn't have those fields. But I think it is about very detailed setting, which I don't need (I just examine simple, 1D saturated advection flow using EOS9). Anyway, after I filled those fields, by copying whole lines from the file I already ran, still it fails saying that the last line (start with 'end') has an error. It's weird tha
  5. Hi, our group recently purchased source code of TOUGHREACT V3-OMP and try to use PetraSim as input file generator, and run TOUGHREACT (on cluster computer) directly. The examples provided from LBNL (ones in the manual) works fine, but when I write an input file via PetraSim, it fails saying that there's some error in 'solute.inp'. When I look into latest manual, it said that "there is minor additions in V3-OMP, so solute.inp used for earlier versions must be update." I found that My PetraSim (5.4.0414) uses TOUGHREACT 1.2 and this might be an issue. Now I am looking for the part where the
  6. I have same problem. I think that it happens if the size of result is too big. Is there any suggestion with this?
  7. Hi-I am now trying to import the raw file to MATLAB program for automation purpose, and this makes it hard to format it especially when dealing with large (more than 100) number of cells. In the 'time.OUT' file, the cell number (ELEM) column starts from '0 1' to '0 9' and from '10' to '99' is okay, and then 100th is '1 0' and so on... like this, 0 1 0 2 . . . 0 9 10 11 . . . 99 1 0 1 1 .... I used to change them using replacing function in Excel, but as the file becomes bigger it's hard to do so.. I think I already reported this ago and doesn't know what's going on.. Thank
  8. Thank you Alison, I found that I can actually load the geochemical condition in PetraSim by using TOUGHREACT > restart options in the menu, over there, I could load both SAVE and savechem files. I didn't check the results precisely, but it looks working. (there was a similar example in "TOUGHREACT examples' file in this website) Best regards, Jaeshik
  9. Hi, I am wondering about loading chemical concentration from the result of one simulation to another one. I know that the pressure can be loaded like what I said above (via 'SAVE file) only if the cell structure is same, but the chemical concentration also can be loaded? Thank you
  10. Hi- I am running TOUGHREACT 1-D transport with reaction (just like the example 1 in the manual) using PetraSim 5. It was fine when there is a small number of cells (ca. 10) but when I increase the number of cells more than 100, there was a discontinuity in the result, text file (time.txt), (I wanted to affix this, but it said that the size is too big) For example, the column of element, it was fine until 70, but jumps from 070 to 0 1 (not 71) and continue to 0 2, 0 4, 0 5, and 75. What is worse is, the data there (in the row) is also follows wrong number, which leads unreasonable discontinu
  11. Hi- I am working with TOUGHREACT/PetraSim 5 to simulate the reactive transport in subsurface. and I am thinking about buying a new laptop for multi-purpose.\ Actually, I am thinking about buying Micrsoft's Surface pro 3 but I am not sure which model I should buy. Does anybody know that even the basic model (i3 CPU) can run the TOUGHREACT/PetraSim seamlessly? Thank you. - Jaeshik Chung -
  12. Thank you for your help! I could find the activation E and k25 values for most of the Fe-bearing minerals except for Ferrihydrite (Fe(OH)3).
  13. Hi- I am a newbie trying to simulate the reductive dissolution of Fe2+ from Fe-bearing minerals and their precipitation from oxidation. I could find data(EA, k25..) for hematite, pyrite-2, and siderite in the tutorial. but I couldn't find ones for other Fe-minerals (Goethite, Fe(OH)3, magnetite, ferrite...) where can I find this information? and one more thing, I know kd controls sorption, and decay constant controls decay, but what parameter controls the oxidation/reduction condition? just putting high/low O2 concentration in injected water makes it happen? Thank you!
  14. Still I don't know the difference between CTOT and CGUESS....
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