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    Float jpg

    We're trying to float (as well as drape) a 6.5 mb jpg using Grafix:3-D Utiliities:Images:Float The resulting 3D display is blank. We used Grafix utility to convert to bmp. Same result. Both fomats generate preview images. We pulled in the sample bmp of the tank farm and it worked (on our coords) fine. Any guidance? Thanks, MG
  2. Upstream


    Molly! Thanks for the quick reply (minutes). That did the trick. I totally mis-understood the menu options; but not just me! We read the options (for example 3D Plotting options) to mean '...replace the low values ("Replace Low Values") defined as -9999.00 ("Minimum Value") with the replacement value 0.0 ("Replacement Value")...' We're still perplexed by the solution! Thanks, Pat. et al.
  3. Upstream


    Imported LAS files have a null value of -9999.0 I am trying to use Filters, Replace Low Values, Minimum Value: -9999.0, Replacement Value: 0.0 to display the data over the appropriate Scaling. This is not filtering the data. Should I be using a different tool or entries?
  4. Mitch - I installed revision 6.3.31 and I am trying to import borehole location data to a new project using the Excel import. I'm getting an error: "Invalid Index: could not find an installed Excel Application". I haven't run into this before. Please comment/advise. Thanks, Pat.
  5. Thanks for the confirmation Mitch. Better hurry, your newest competitor has it in their package! We'll be waiting...
  6. Is it possible to create a single track that contains a histogram display of multiple measurements? I've seen graphing packages and other logging packages do this under the name of 'stacked bar' or 'composite histogram' or 'percentage'.
  7. We are experiencing a frustrating behaviour from LDF files. Items placed in the header and footer change position after the LDF file is saved and when an LDF file is opened. There is no systematic trait to this. It can be a box or boxes one time and text another, or some combination of any entities. We are using the current release/build of LogPlot Can you advise on the cause and remedy?
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