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  1. Thank you! That is good, but I did not manage to create a multi-polygon table. The help-section also states "Only a single polygon can be defined in a single table, though you can maintain multiple tables in your project database." I can only apply one table at a time to my solid model, not several polygon tables in the same calculation, or am I missing something.

    I solved it by attach all polygons with very thin polygons so it resulted in one single coherent polygon in AutoCAD, but this is a workaround. Instead I would like a more useful tool i Rockworks to solve this or a explanation how to create multi-polygon table.


  2. Hi, I miss a function for importing multiple polygons in dxf-format. It is useful for filtering data e.g. buildings and certain areas from the model. Now only one polygon is possible to import . It is frustrating when I can see all polygons in 2-D diagram (*.Rx2D), but I can not define these as polygons...

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