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  1. I couldn't find a forum for "dumb questions" so I'm posting this here. I am the sys admin in a university department, and am creating a new image to be pushed out to our student computers. The OS is Windows 10, and I have installed RW 17 on our base computer. We are also using folder redirection, so that the students' "Documents" directories are on a network drive. When I start RW 17, either as an administrator or as a student, the "RockWorks 17 Data" folder is automatically created in the Documents directory (on the network). The application's first window asks me to select a Project Data Folder, and displays the contents of the Documents directory. However, if I select the RockWorks 17 Data folder, I'm given this error message: "Project folder should be a sub-folder of the RockWorks 17 Data folder." I can find no way to create a sub-folder via this path. It's only if I select another folder -- any other folder -- that the "Select/Create Project Folder and Choose Defaults" window is displayed. From there I can change the directory to the RockWorks 17 Data folder and create a new directory. Is this how it's supposed to work? It seems rather confusing and a bit convoluted to me. No doubt there is something simple I'm missing. Your help and patience would be most appreciated!
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