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  1. Thanks Molly. Reassigning the symbol library (on a network location) did the trick.
  2. Hi Tom We get the same error for a local and a network destination path for the compiled log. Where would it if a bug report was generated? Thanks Valentin
  3. Hi After the latest update to LogPlot V. we get on one of our Windows 7 machines the following error message when compiling a log: "File access denied". The user has full write access to the folder C:\Users\Usrename\Documents\LogPlot 7\System where also a 0 KB temporary file is created when compiling a log. We already did a fresh installation of the local LogPlot installation and also reassigned the path to the network license file. Thanks Valentin
  4. Hello Molly We are using v on Windows 7. Thanks Valentin
  5. Hello We are using a bold OTF font (NotesSoft-BoldTf) in the log designer which isn't rendered correctly: Although the font is already a bold font, LogView is doing a synthetically bolding, i.e. the font is bolded again which makes the font unreadable. This affects only LogView and the printouts, PDF etc.. In the corresponding LogPlot log design the font is rendered correctly. Any advices? Thanks
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