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  1. Data Dictionary is out of date.

    Hmm. I haven't heard back in a few weeks. Is this still possible? I would like to use some of the Google earth plug-in modifications of the new version, but it still does not work, even after starting a new project.
  2. Data Dictionary is out of date.

    I did rename the program data folder. The problem still occurs. I just tried that again, just to make sure.
  3. Data Dictionary is out of date.

    In fact, I already did this: It created a new RockWorks folder, and then did the same error. I'm worried that there's a registry entry or some crap, or my carefully queried data is making it act all strange. Just for grins, I uninstalled and reinstalled again, and the same thing happened. I'm not even trying to open any project folder: It does not even get that far.I see the error, click "continue", the RW start screen pops up, then closes immediately, and I'm back to where I was with no RW open.
  4. I just installed the new version of RW 16, and now I can't start rockworks. I get the error: Your data dictionary is out of date and your current installation was not installed with the installer. I went into my temp files and changed the name on the app data so that RW would make a new folder, this did not resolve the problem. I tried unistalling, rebooting, and re-installing from the new .exe downloaded from the Rockware site. The problem still happens. Any ideas? I did email the bug report to [email protected] with a screenshot of the error. Thanks, Eric.
  5. This did resolve the problem.
  6. Hello, I have a set of coordinates in one state plane system, and I have set the correct zone when creating the project coordinates, and I have updated the zone in the back end access database. However, when I transfer the coordinates to the datasheet, the zone is lost, and when I transfer them back to the borehole location database, the zone is re-set to colorado, and the UTM zone is set to 13. How can I change all 500 records to the correct zone without editing the access database (because RW still thinks I'm in colorado somehow) and how can I make sure that this setting remains in the correct zone? Thanks, Eric.
  7. Out Of Memory when importing DEM

    It looks like it crashed during the mapping portion of the import, and there is a surface which resembles the DEM representation in Arc. Thank you, Eric.
  8. HI, I am attempting to import a 2-m LiDAR-derived DEM into RockWorks. I found a thread about importing a raster www.rockware.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=2189&hl=%2Braster+%2Bimport#entry5028, and I have followed the instructions. However, I keep getting the error: Out Of memory and RockWorks crashes. I have also tried importing as a TIFF and a BitMap, and receive the same error. The file is about 2MB, and my computer has 4GB of RAM.