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  1. This works when creating new files, but not when opening existing files.
  2. When loading a custom color scheme in DeltaGraph (6.0.18 Mac) the swatch does not stay loaded and all color data is lost when moving between files. This means that every time I open a file, I have to load the color swatch again. This wasn't the case in DG5. Although I set my preferences to working in CMYK, occasionally the color scheme resets to RGB, or the color scheme simply changes its color values. Also, when I try to make new files from my Chart Library that had been created with the custom color swatches, the colors are being linked differently than how they were configured when the template was created, even when I load the proper color scheme. When opening a file that was created with the custom scheme and checking its colors, the color swatch picker shows a different color than the one that is on-screen. I notice that these issues were addressed in the Windows update 6.0.16. When will custom colors work properly on Mac? Please advise.
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