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  1. Hi, I noticed in trialling Rockworks 16 that there is the option to add new fields in all other tab's (including Locaiton). When adding a new field there is the option to assign it as a ValueList type. In the Location tab, this ValueList type gives a drop down box to choose from. But in all other tabs when assigning a new field as a Value List type there is no drop down box. I have checked in Access an it is a text type. Is there (or going to be) the function to assign a ValueList type for new fields in other tabs than the Location Tab (eg Lithology, Well Construction)? This would be a superior benefit. Also, can Rockworks 16 be used offline in the field for drill hole loggin? Regards, Tim
  2. Great thanks Alison, So if I can confirm, if I create an optional field in Rockworks in the Lithology tab (ie. hardness) and then add a new table in Access (ie hardness) and then create a relationship in Access between the two there should be no problem. As long as I don't change any of the existing Rockworks relationships there should be no problem? We would have to use Access as the data entry, but could then view the info in Rockworks. This will be of great benefit to us and logging the holes and creating the borelogs with Logplot. kind regards, Tim
  3. Thanks Tom, I'd ideally like to add a new Table which hold the specific fields that the optional fields in the Lithology Table are linked to and look up. Would creating these additional Table in the Rockworks Access database and entering data via Access cause issues when viewing the data in Rockworks? Would there be or potential to be any bug issues? thanks again Tim
  4. Hey Tom, I have already used the concatenate function in excel and this does work well for the description. i really wanted to have additional fields to have more descriptions (eg. texture, strength, break) and be able to query these extra fields to filter down the information easier. A comment field can't be queried for a specific word. Also wanted to create drop down boxes (same as KEYWORD in teh litholgy table) to limit the number of options and to make shore there are no spelling mistakes. There are multiple people using this database and entering data. I could capture this info in the I-Data table, but it comes back to data capture in the field and we don't want to be clicked through multiple tables to enter the data. Can the access database be changed in the backend or data entered via the Acces database and show up in Rockworks? Regards, Tim
  5. Hi, I have added a number of new Field Names to the Lithology database table, eg colour, consolidated/unconsolidated. I have also set up the Lith Type database table with my lithology types. Is it possible (i can't currently find a way) to import these additional Optional Field Names from an excel worksheet import into the Lithology database table? This is possible in the Location database table and I have successfully updated and imported data. I could possibly use the I-Text database table to import this information, but it is much more suited to sitting along side the lithology data. It would also make it easier to capture the data when logging the borehole samples. The reason I would like to do this is so I can set up a number of lookup tables in my excel sheet to limit and select the optional data types from. These could then also be queried. Would I need to create additional Database tables to look this optional data up and can this be done? Regards, Tim
  6. Hi, Is there a way to represent the piezometric head of a confined aquifer in a cross section (not as a symbol)? The water level (piezometric head) would be above the top of the aquifer. So the aquifer remians fully saturated until the water level (piezometric head) drops below the top of the aquifer. So the current way the aquifer would be displayed would be incorrect for a confined aquifer. Also, is there a way I can merge or group Stratigraphy Formations in to Aquifer Types? For example - Strat 1, 2 and 3 are all part of Aquifer 1. I could export the stratigrapy data and import it into Aquifers but then I'd like to show the confined water level (pieometric head) in a cross section, strip log or 3D. Ideally, I'd like to be able to show the change in water level (piezometric head) over time in a cross section, strip log or 3D. Thanks Tim
  7. HI, I can not open one of my databases. the error message below comes up. Cannot open file ....\System\TabColumn.xml". The network path was not found the TabCOlumn file i can see in the system folder, but nothing is actually there. when i go to copy the file it cannot due to nothing being there. i have recently been able to open this database and none of my others have the same problem. they have all been set up in the same way. is there a way to open a backup file or fix this error? thanks Tim
  8. hey thanks Tom, that is a useful function. unfortunately, i after trying this out it doesn't produce the desired surface (no fault of rockworks). in this case the high concentrations are above and below a low concentration area. the situation is an mineral ore body bound by higher concentrations of silica above and below it. is there any way to create a grid from the higher concentrations that form the lower and higher bounding units? i am particular interesting in creating a surface that is the lower boudary mineralisation. Regards,
  9. Hi, I have creating a solid model using geochemistry data. Is there a way to extract and create a grid file from a specific g value concentration? Or is there a way to interpolate my dataset to produce a grid file (surface) of the g value i require? Thanks
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