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  1. Hello Molly and happy new year, apparently, after having installed the new update, it is impossible to copy and paste data in the various data tables. Can you help? Regards, Christian
  2. Hi Mitch, just downloaded and tested, no problem to generate my long PNG. Excellent job and best wishes for 2017.
  3. Mitch, LP8 64 bit version it's installed, but unfortunately still not able to produce a proper PNG The output size (967 x 299131) is too large. Increase the scale or reduce the Pixels PerInch (DPI). Same type of laptop, with LP7 it's not giving any problem to generate one single PNG. Any suggestion?
  4. Ok Mitch, I will wait for the 64 bit version. Thanks, Christian
  5. Good morning, I am experiencing some issue to Export log as one long PNG. I am using the same setting used on LP7: scale 2.5 units per cm // Units per page 1 // 90 dpi, meanwhile with LP7 I was able to create a png image of the entire log (3750 m), with LP8 I got this message: The output size (1138 x 359539) is too large. Increase the scale or reduce the Pixels PerInch (DPI). Even with 10 dpi I can not create any long PNG. Thanks, Christian
  6. Just sent to you a mail, sometimes my mails are automatically sent into the spam box, so have a look if you received a mail from martinelli.christian@inwind
  7. Mitch, I fixed the problem, simply creating a new template directly with LP8, but now I am experiencing another issue: I set a text column for some description, but the text is not wrapped, I mean, I set a text column of 4 cm, when I write my text in the related text tab, everything is fine, the text it's wrapped, but once I generate the log, the text it is not wrapped, but instead it is visible only the first line (4 cm length). Any suggestions? It seems something related with a setting but I can not figure out Ciao, Ch
  8. Mitch, when I clicked on Continue button, LP8 crashed, I removed the template (created with LP7), re-named .old the file LogPlot8.ini and launched again the software. Problem fixed, so apparently if you try to upload a template created with LP7 the software extend automatically the DotGrid more or less to the infinite. Christian
  9. Good morning, installed LogPlot 8 couple of day ago, worked with the software without problems. This morning downloaded and installed the update and got this message The handle is invalid. The output DotGrid is too wide (4763 x 283465) How I can fix it? Regards, Christian
  10. Good morning, yesterday Windows update some files and after that I cannot generate any Log, once i try, the system stop showing "checking printer orientations" as message. As well, If I try to check the configuration of the printer via LogPlot, the software crash. Any suggestion? Regards, Christian
  11. Good morning, suddenly I start to have this message "Low on resources. Reducing the number of color to display" every time I try to produce a log. I am using the same configuration, same amount of data, resolution set at 300 dpi, I had no problems till Friday after lunch, then I started to get the messages, without change any settings on my PC (brand new HP ProBook). Why? Any suggestions? Best regards, Christian
  12. Molly, thank you for the suggestions. I start to use the Edit note instead Edit text and it's much better! Ch
  13. Hi guys, anybody knows if there is a way to increase the lenght of an edit text box? Regards
  14. Hello, is it possible plot different data sets from different wells in TVD to be able to create a sort of correlation pannel? With kind regards, Christian
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