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  1. Thank you very much Tom for your help, the problem has been solved :)

    I would to ask you if possible to calculate I-Data volumetric for the distribution of chemicals in the lake by based on G-data filtering option (e.g. need to calculate the volume of contaminated water with As in the range between 0.5 to 5 ppb in the lake)



  2. Dear Tom,

    I checked the model setting and distance filter already disabled.

    I am really appreciate your support . I uploaded model database (file name: Rockwork.rar) on rockware uploading page

    thanks once again,


  3. Hi Tom,

    i tried to increse the grid resolution from 150x150 m to 100x100, i got same result.. (running a model with 100x100 resolution take time 3 to 4 hours)

    would you suggest another solution?


  4. Dear all,

    please anyone has a solution for the problem shown in the attached screenshot.

    after running the model there are no data the Interior areas along the lake boundary! the objective was to clip the model to the boundary polygon using filter to polygon option of the solid model.

    any suggestion would be appreciated




  5. Dear all,

    i am going to model the hydrochemical analysis of water body by using I-Data modelling option in rockwork. before stating the modeli imported the shoreline of the lake and stored as rockwork polygon file which i used in the polygon filter option.

    once i run the model everything going well except the result! because two sampling points considered by rockwork as out of the boundary boreholes! after zooming to these points i saw that rockwork cut off the boundary at certain location (narrow Gulf) therefore, these points didn't inter the 3D interpolation.

    i tried to configure the boundary unfortunately no positive result has been obtained, did you face such problem so far? do you have any idea about this subject.

    i would really appreciate your help to find any solution for this issue.



  6. Dear all,

    I tried to insert a location map next to the lithological section. The problem I faced that the map looking compressed (please have a look at the screenshot below), how to solve this issue?

    one more question regarding the lithological section, how to set the interval between sections line (e.g. 3 parallel sections)?.



  7. Hi all,

    when I start running the Lithology modelling an error massage pop-up :

    Error: Invalid Reference Grid

    The reference grid contains one or more null node values. The process must therefore be aborted.

    regarding the surface Grid I used 90m SRTM digital elevation model converted into Rockworks Grid file using Global Mapper.

    please how to solve this problem, should I change the grid interval of the model or the Grid file? :(

    I would appreciate any advice from you

  8. Hi Rockwork users,

    in my project need to import the boundary area as a shape file into the lithological model. I'm wondering if there are any option to do this and to clip the created model to the boundary area. I noticed that there are no flexibility by defining the AOI in rockwork why?

    please need your help

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