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  1. Could you, in the next releases of AQQA add the other units? Thank You. Riccardo
  2. Hi everybody. Here in Europe we use comma delimited decimale notation. Is it possible for Aqqa to conform to System International Options or have I to conform all my system notation to AQQA? Thanks Riccardo
  3. Here in Italy fo Hadness parameter we use °F (French degrees) unit that is 10 times bigger than ppm,mg/L (American degrees) unit as you can see in the following table taken from Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hard_water) Hardness unit conversion. mmol/L ppm, mg/L dGH, °dH gpg °e, °Clark °F mmol/L 1 0.009991 0.1783 0.171 0.1424 0.09991 ppm, mg/L 100.1 1 17.85 17.12 14.25 10 dGH, °dH 5.608 0.05603 1 0.9591 0.7986 0.5603
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