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  1. I successfully import the Geotiff in Rockwork 15. I import too to Global Mapper. I found a discrepancy between both in the order of 100 m and more on the corner. I checked with Google earth and it the same than Global Mapper. I am using WGS-84 (NAD83) with UTM zone 19 with both softwares. Do you know what am I doing wrong? Thanks Yves
  2. Anyone knows how to import a Geotiff (TIFF file plus tfw) into Rockworks? Yves
  3. I got it Thanks YvesD
  4. Dear Tom B, As a seismic line I use the sample shotpoints.sp1 I import it and I succeed. How can we get the line number at the end of each line for example. YvesD
  5. Dear Tom B, Thank you to give me the list of the public institutions that use Rockwork. Unfortunately all of them are quite far from where I live but could be of some interest if I travel over there. Hopefully some private companies will make contact with me. About seismic file I must extract data from a much larger file. I am presently away from my work office. I will take care about it when I will be back. Thanks YvesD
  6. I am interested to know if somebody is using Rockworks somewhere in eastern canada mainly located from Ottawa to Gaspe. It will be interested to get some information about importing seismic files for example? Thanks
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