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  1. Sensitivity Analysis

    Dear All, After running a CO2 injection model, I performed a sensitivity analysis to determine the sensitivity of my model with respect to some key input parameters (i.e., porosity, permeability, residual gas saturation, etc.). Changes of 25 and 50 percent were applied to the selected parameters and resulting bottom-hole pressure (BHP) values at the observation well (X=150 m) were obtained. As you can see in the figure, model shows the highest sensitivity against the permeability vaiations but the slope of the blue line is not symmetric for both negative and positive changes, indicating that model shows higher sensitivity against decreasing the permeability. I am wondering if anybody knows the reason for that. I would greatly appreciate if you kindly give me some advice. Best regards Ramin
  2. Sloping 2D radial model in PetraSim

    Hi Lennard, Thank you for your reply. I was wondering if you meant the NZ value under "Gravity direction cosine" in Misc. I need to set up the dip angle as 20 degrees in the reservoir, so the NZ should be (-0.94). Is that correct? Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you. Best Ramin
  3. Dear All, I am trying to create a sloping 2D radial model for a CO2 storage scenario. I wonder if there is any option to define the tilting angle in PetraSim. Thank you Ramin
  4. How to increase the grid blocks?

    Thanks Alison Actually I tried to make a grid model with up to 300,000 cells. As I expected, I got the error with following comment: "if the original source code is available, making a larger grid model would be possible" (not exactly but something like this). Before using PetraSim, I used to work with TOUGH2-ECO2M code. Number of cells can be edited through the code but I don't know if it's possible to make any edit in PetraSim or not. Would you please also let me know when PetraSim.6 will be released? Sincerely yours Ramin
  5. Hello Everyone, As you may know, the maximum number of gird blocks that can be generated in PetraSim (ECO2M) is 99999. I wonder if there is any way to increase the grid blocks. Thanks Ramin
  6. Compiling and linking co2tab3.f with rco2h input data

    Hi I found the answer, I hope it will help other TOUGH users. Here is the command to make an executable file from co2tab3.f : Directory$ gfortran -o xco2tab3 -g -fdefault-real-8 -falign-commons co2tab3.f Then execute the xco2tab3 with the input data file " rco2h" by following command: ./xco2tab3 <rco2h> CO2TAB
  7. Hi I am trying to compile and link rco2h input data file with co2tab3.f to generate the table of P and T. The manual just indicates the instruction on an IBM RS/6000 machine while I am using Linux/gfortran compiler. Would you please tell me about the instruction to generate CO2TAB file. (it is already done and this file is included in TOUGH2-ECO2M source core but I would like to do it by myself and then generate my own data table) Thanks