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  1. I have been encountering this error every time I add a picture to my logs. It doesn't seem to matter what computer I use or how big the pictures are. The most recent attempt was done on a brand new custom computer with windows 7 pro, a 512 mb vid card, all pictures re-sized to the smallest we could make them while still maintaining image quality. This attempt failed. It allowed me to compile the log but every page that had a picture would produce an error. With the error present, I was unable to print the log as a multi sheet log. I am not sure what to do at this point.
  2. Thanks Molly, I expected it would be something that easy!
  3. I am a staff geologist for a mud-logging company. We recently noted that one of our competitors was using logarithmic scales for their gas data on their mud-logs. My boss liked the way this looked and wants us to switch to this methods of presentation. I attempted to use a log we had from a previous job and switch the template design to have logarithmic values in the gas column but it didn't work. I am sure the how-to is only a few steps but I thought it would be faster and simpler if I just asked for help instead of experimenting until I figured it out or went mad.
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