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  1. I-data fence diagram

    Thank you so much! It was actually just the TD which was set to 0 that fixed all my problems. Now I can produce a plot which describes the soil very good. Fantastic program. I just need few more things to get it all done and look something like your model. I guess it's the striplogs which are shown outside of the fence diagram. My logs have same color, blue. Why is that? When I'm configuring the striplogs in I-Data Fence Diagram | 3D Striplog Designer, I'm setting check mark by I-data #1 and then progress. The striplog should be able to have same legend and color theme as the fence diagram, right? Second issue is to add a grid, which can tell the depths in the layers. I can go to Reference Cage | Panels & Grid and check mark West and North. Then I got some values between -10 to 10. Best Regards Remfeldt
  2. I-data fence diagram

    When I'm in the I-data | Model menu and press Process it gives me a map which indicate the different SPT-values i 2D. But I can't say anything about the layers beneath. That's what I was hoping a Fence Diagram would be able to tell me. I've send you a file. Thanks for your help so far!
  3. I-data fence diagram

    Yeah, but the case is, that I don't have any materials to define. It's just values from the SPT tests. I can define some intervals since my data are from 0-65. I have tried to fill in the Interval (I-data) Data Columns Column Name Min Value Max Value Units Description SPT1 0 10 SPT2 11 20 SPT3 21 30 SPT4 31 40 SPT5 41 50 SPT6 51 65 But when it's done, I've got 6 columns to fill the data into. Should I sort the values in the different columns? If that's the case, it will take a while doing that with 200 boreholes. Another problem pops up, when I'm trying to do process. It says that there's no control points within the project area. I have scanned the enabled boreholes to make sure dimensions fit. Best regards Remfeldt
  4. I-data fence diagram

    Thanks Tom. Now I think I got the right informations put into the program. Step one completed! Next thing is: When I'm reading the tutorial for managing i-data, it says that I have to define a max- and minimum. Right now my setting is like this: Column Name Min Value Max Value Units Description SPT 0 65 Do I have to define some intervals in between like 0-10, 11-20 and so on..? I'm trying to do a i-data fence, but I think, I'm far from the goal at the moment. Best Regards Ole Remfeldt
  5. I-data fence diagram

    Hi, I'm trying to display my SPT-data from BHs into I-data fence diagram. I want a visualize the properties in the earth and in different layer. Am I working the right function? If yes - I got some problems, when I try to process my model. My model appears like a flat area with my added panels. I have typed the I-data in as this: Depth to top Depth to base Value -2.3 -2.0 4.0 -1.3 -1.0 4.0 First of all.. Do I need to define the values in between -1.3 to -2.0? I might be all wrong choosing I-data fence diagram, but in my case I thought it would be the best way to show the different layers in the earth - and notice that - with values. I hope there's a way to deal with my different problems BR Remfeldt
  6. Default date issue

    Hi Molly, Thank you! I had no informations in the Excel's tabs, so I wasn't paying attention to those cells. But when I changed the date format it seems to work. Thanks alot! BR Remfeldt
  7. Default date issue

    Hi, I've imported Excel sheet by using Import-tool in File > Import > XLS (Excel Sheet). While importing RockWorks tells there 56 import errors, but if I want to see the log file it's just an empty text file. But I just ignore and keep on importing. I want the dimensions to fixed to my project. That works fine when I scan all boreholes. Then I go to Map > Borehole Locations ... I want to do some changes in Borehole Symbol + Label Options. But when I'm finished it's comes up with following error: " '14-Feb-07' is not a valid date. " I've tried to change all the possible dates in my data, but nothing seems to work. I hope you will be able to answer my question since I'm pretty stuck.