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  1. Invalid Floating Point Value

    Hi, A message “invalid floating point value ‘3,5’” appears when I try to do profiles and sections on Rockworks. What are wrong? Thank you, Diane
  2. Export Profiles

    Hi Tom Ok,this solved the problem. Thanks,
  3. Export Profiles

    Hi, I'm trying export a vertical stratigraphyic profile, and show "exception message : Out of resources". This occurs in the formats JPEG, BMP, PNG and TIFF. How can I fix it? Thank you, Diane
  4. Cross Sections and Stratigraphy Model

    Hi, The layers still converge to the side until the end of the section. Is there another way to resolve this? thanks
  5. Discontinuities

    Hi, Is there a way of visualizing horizontal or sub-horizontal discontinuities (joints) in the stratigraphy cross sections? Thanks
  6. Cross Sections and Stratigraphy Model

    Hi I will study this solutions for my project. Thanks for your help.
  7. Cross Sections and Stratigraphy Model

    Hi, I would like some help to improve the stratigraphic model that I am developing. The model is composed by basalt layers, the data used in the model are from core boring. Some errors are occurring during the modeling of the layers. The first error(figure 1) is that the sediment layer is covering all the model surface, but this material does not exist in all the parts (it not described in many logs of the core boring) The second error is that in the margin in geological sections, where the layers converge to the side until the end of the section (figure 2). I would like to know how I can correct these errors. The method used to obtain this model is inverse distance weighting (IDW), with exponent two and eight points are used to calculate the nodes. Some tools are activated during the interpolation, such as: Declustering, High-Fidelity and Smooth Grid. To create the model are used the following tools: Constrain Model Based on Ground Surface, Plot Logs, Hide Thin Zone. Thanks