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  1. Hi, I have been using my project with Rockworks 16 for the past few months. But yesterday it came up with this error message:- That the project appears to be a RockWorks 15 project. And upgrade a RockWorks 16. Even though the file is already a Rockworks 16 files and is in my rockworks 16 folder. When I try to update I get the message that the folder already exists and I cannot update. Then I change the folder name to a new one to see if that worked and I got the following error message:- Access violation at address 00BE2320 in module 'RockWorks16.exe. Read of address 00000000. Please help me. Al the data is in a Rockworks 16 format but Rockworks seems to think it is Rockworks 15 when I try to update this it comes up with an error. Rockworks screen shots.pdf
  2. How do you plot i data s with inclination In a boreholes so the data follows the logs inclination not plotting vertical down ..? Every time I plot light illy with a azimuth inclination it plots the litho logo with this inclination, I would like to plot my i data with the inclination of the borehole does can anyone explain how I can do this? .? I think I must be not clicking on the right button? Please help this driving me mad!
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