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  1. Thanks Alison I'll think about the upgrade. Already searched the web and microsoft, but none of the solutions worked. Thanks again Stuart
  2. Hi Unfortunately following a Office 2007 installation I no longer have Arial font on my computer, I have tried a number of fixes, none of which have worked. It turns out it was something microsoft did to the font table.... I-Data profiles appears to use arial font, is there any way to change the default font used? Thanks Stuart
  3. Thanks Tom But doesn't the additional anions only apply to the TDS and ion balance calculations and not the piper diagram? I fiddled with a number of the additional anion concentrations, but the output plot does not change. Thanks again, really enjoy the program.
  4. Hi I'm using Rockworks14 and would like to know if it is possible to plot additional anions (or cations) on a piper diagram. Thanks for your help.
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