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  1. Cutting/ Lithology issue

    I have tried uploading a section of the log but was rejected by this site. Is there an email I can send it to or another way to load an image?
  2. Cutting/ Lithology issue

    Here is another issue I have just came across. I have a log with limestone, shale, and several other rocks. The first half of the graph looks great, but suddenly, the patterns start stretching down the log. The limestone becomes a large, vertical stripped, blue mass and the shale is just a green mass. The samples were taken and are reported in 10' sets intervals. There is a lot of variation in the lithology. At some points, shale is 80%, at others is 10%. The error spans over a length of about 1200' on the log.
  3. Cutting/ Lithology issue

    That is what I tried first but it didnt work. It turns out it didnt work the first time because the tab title had a space as the first unit. It works fine now. Thanks again.
  4. Cutting/ Lithology issue

    One more question. A mudlogger created a new tab for dates. Normally, we just add the date and depth at that date into our ROP column but this tab makes the date in a seperate color, still placing it in the ROP. On my computer, the dates dont show up because I dont know how to edit my template to know what to do with the data from the date tab. How do I make it show up?
  5. Cutting/ Lithology issue

    Wow, That was easy! Thanks
  6. Cutting/ Lithology issue

    I recently began finallizing logs for my company. Some of the logs that have been comming in from the field have lithologies that are not in my logplot template, such as gypsum. I have tried adding Gypsum and others to the template but the log always comes out with blank spots where the gypsum samples should be. How do I make a sample show up in the log with a perdetermined panel graphic?