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  1. PS: where can I send the bug report to? many thanks!
  2. Hi! I want to export an image from rockplot 2d -striplog, but everytime get an an "error ocurred in the application" message. I tried different file formats, sizes and data, to no use. Am I missing something? Help would be greatly appreciated, report is attached! Many thanks!
  3. pezischnee


    Hi! 2 questions: 1.) I am trying to visualise core lithology plus particle size distribution. Samples for the psd were taken as interval data. I can add these to my striplog. However, I was wondering, if there is a posiilty to interpolate the interval data, so that the result is a curve rather than the bar structure? Possibly thats a silly question, since that's the nature of these data types, but it would help me a lot! 2.) My cores have tilted boundaries. I didn't find a way to display that. I guess, it's not possible? Thank you very much! Petra
  4. Dear RW team, I tried to import location data (easting, northing, elevation, TD) as an xls.file (comma-separated numbers with 3 digits each) using the import tool. Columns were named exactly as defined in the data import example file. When importing, I get an error message for all boreholes telling me that easting, northing and elevation is "bad". However, the coordinates are imported into the borehole manager, but as this : original: 571618,986 6555881,598 4,661 imported: 57,161,898,682.0 65,558,815,975.0 4,661,356.0 Funnily, the total depth data are imported fine. No problems there. Has this anything to do with the comma-separation or the number of digits or with rounding? I checked the example file, and numbers there had no digits at all? However, as you can see, I am at a loss and would appreciate your help very much!! Thank you, Petra
  5. Hi Molly, I checked data inegrity and it said there were duplicates in the database not visible in the borehole manager interface. I wonder how that comes, as my import excel-file was clean ? Hoewever. thank you for your quick help!
  6. Hi! I tried to display single logs in rockplot/2d including a curve composed of p-data. first log seemed to work fine, but one specific log creates a curve that looks weird. I have checked the imported data for this log multiple times. No (obvious) differences to the ones that work. I would appreciate any help! Thanks, pezischnee
  7. Hi Tom, I substracted 300,000 for the easting and 6,000,000 for the northing coordinates and now everythings seems to work fine! Thank you very much for quick response and help!
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