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  1. Thank you Molly, That was just what I was trying to do! But I would like to ask you another question. We often have projects that use a tunneling shield, in this cases the method you just described would apply perfectly; but in other cases we use NATM, in that cases the tunnel shape is not exactly a cylinder. Is there a way to use a custom tunnel shape? Thank's again, Leandro G. Kuhlmann
  2. Hello, I'm new to Rockworks (and I'm also not a fluent in English speaker, so please excuse me in case I do not express myself correctly). I would like to know if its possible to use Rockworks to calculate the volume of an intersection of a solid model (such as a tunnel), and each lithologic/stratigraphic unit individually. In case I do have a tunnel model in .dxf format, is there a way I can use it directly? Thanks, Leandro G. Kuhlmann
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