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  1. Rachid

    Interval Data

    Hi Molly, Everything worked fine after reducing the nodes spacing. thanks Rachid
  2. Rachid

    Interval Data

    Dear Molly Would just to precise that actually I found out that some coordinates where not in order so but after rearranging them the gap was very small but still there (see attached plan view of the model and view of the polygon only). Thanks
  3. Rachid

    Interval Data

    Dear Molly, I have created tables to filter different sections of the model and it worked fine except for one section (attached the model and the filtered model 3D and a plan view of it), where nodes inside the polygon are excluded so that I have a gap in the middle of the model, I have changed the polygon table by giving more easting and northing coordinates and every time I have different output but still nodes lying inside the polygon are missing and then showing a gap between both sides of the model. It looks like the software cannot close the polygon with only 4 corners coordinates if they are not on a same northing or easting !!!!!. Do you have any explanation or there is any setting that we have to consider? My second question is concerning exporting 3 D solid models in DXF file, I have tried but the output was showing in Autocad only a 2D grid??? Thank you Rachid
  4. Rachid

    Interval Data

    Hi Molly, The second option that you have mentioned is what I am looking for, so the Utilities | Solid | Filter | Polygon Clip menu option can delimite a polygon based on X and Y coordiantes, is that correct (I am out of my office and cannot check this by myself and saturday when I will be back I need to know if it is possible or not) Thanks for your valuable support Regards Rachid
  5. Rachid

    Interval Data

    Hi Molly, Thanks for all the tips, everything worked fine with you suggestions. So now I still have one questions regarding 3D I-Data solid model: Can we create a customized (polygonal shape by entering all x,y coordinates) 3D I-Data solid model ?? by doing that it will be easy to calculate volumes of different I-Data ranges as you explained me in your previous post. So actualy I have 2 sections. one is rectangular so the solid model and volume calculation for 3D I-data was easy using your suggestion but now I have another section were the shape is polygonal what is the best way to create the 3D I-data model and calculate different volumes (based on the obtained solid model) afterwards. Regards Rachid
  6. Rachid

    Interval Data

    Hi Molly, Thanks for your suggestion I will try it tomorrow, the idea of copying the lithology table to the stratigraphy is because the lithology is very simple and consistent in all BHs, w Quaternary deposit above a Limestone Formation with different grades of weathering and strengths and in some spots we have a calcarenite, so after copying the table I could keep only the limestone below the quaternary deposits and assign the same G value to the calcarenite and then generate the .grd file, but your suggestion seems to be faster so I will go first for it. Nevertheless I would like to know how we can quickly import tables (not with copy past from excel files). The second aspect where I need your support is for volumes calculation, actually I have a 3D-model built with I-Data, the I-Data correspond to 5 different classes of material, so after creating the 3D-model, can we display only one class of material and then calculate the volume of each class....? Regards Rachid
  7. Rachid

    Interval Data

    Thank you Molly for your explanation, could you tell me what will the easiest way to copy the lithology Data in the stratigraphy table Regards Rachid
  8. Rachid

    Interval Data

    Dear All, I have entered I-Data for different Rock formations which are below Quaternary deposits , so when I am creating sections for this I-Data I am getting correlations including the Quaternary deposits on top of the Rock (I did not input I-Data for the quaternary deposits interval). so how we can show the section excluding this quaternary deposits. My second question is concerning the legend, how we can move the legend title to the left to avoid having it in the middle of the legend box Rachid Regards
  9. Rachid

    Map DXF file

    Dear All, Please can you tell me if we can import DXF file directly in map and then draw in map lines and add texts ? Regards Rachid
  10. Rachid

    P-Data, 3D model

    Hi Molly Thanks for your answers but concerning my first question, I am making cross sections between few boreholes and I have as P Data some UCS values at certain elevations, which I would like to see as numbers at the corresponding elevation and not as curves, is that possible ? Thanks Rachid
  11. Dear All, I have just started using Rockworks and I am encountering some difficulties, please could you help in answering the following 3 questions: 1- How we can show the exact P Data at defined elevation or depth on a log 2- How we can keep the appended map for a section with the same scale when we are using a vertical exaggeration for the section 3- How we can show the elevation on a 3D solid model. Regards Rachid
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