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  1. It's not my keywords, its the actual software license key. When I start up LogPlot now it starts me on the limited time trial.
  2. Our company was recently aquired by another company. After the process of switching from our server and network to their servers and network, my LogPlot key is no longer being recognized. During the switchover, the IT person had us create a back up of our My Documents folder (which I believe contained the LogPlot key file). After the change over, I moved the LogPlot folders that were located in My Documents folder into the new My Documents folder that was set up by the IT person. LogPlot isn't recognizing my key. What steps can I take to resolve this issue?
  3. I have found that when I export my color contours to shapefiles and load them into ArcGIS, the color contours do not transfer over. The polygon it draws is one solid color. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. Any help would be appreciated. THanks.
  4. I get the error message that the setup files are corrupted when attempting to apply it to Log Plot. I have tried manually downloading it from the update page as well as letting Log Plot do it automatically.
  5. Do you know the approximate release date of the patch correcting this? I don't absolutely need it right now, but I do have some logs that will be due near the end of the week.
  6. Custom colors keep defaulting to black after I define them when editing keyword patterns. The custom colors stay until I finish my editing of the single pattern. When I edit any keyword pattern again, I lose all my custom colors. Is there a way to save the custom colors, or is manually entering the RGB and HSL values the only way to keep my colors consistent throughout my logs? Thanks.
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