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  1. I have a grid file with 512 geocoded, irregularly spaced locations. I have another grid file with 20 geocoded, irregularly spaced locations, which by and large overlap the first set of locations but don't fall at the same latitude,longitude coordinates. I want to use my z-axis measurements from the 20 location file to construct a krigged map, then apply the calculated krigged values to the first set of locations and save the krigged values interpolated to the data file with the 512 locations. I guess I could use the grid file editor and try to hand mark all the 20-location krigging estimates to each of the 512 spatial locations in the other file, but this would be tedious and prone to error. Is there a way to automate this process in Surfer8 or in any later version? Many thanks in advance, Steve (drlead)
  2. Tom, thanks for the detailed instructions. I'm still waiting for the 20 point data set, but as soon as I get it I'll try what you suggested and report back to the forum. Best, Steve (drlead)