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  1. Hi, I am trying to simulate the weathering process by toughreact and you can find the description of my question. I choose EOS9 because I want to know the rainwater infiltration process. However, actually, I have no idea how to set the CO2 partial pressure. How to keep a fixed CO2 partial pressure if I want to inject rainwater from model top? How to set a CO2 partial pressure in the soil? model.pptx
  2. When I tried to run my model, I got the error message: Time step = 0 Time (yr) = 0.000000E+00 There is a problem with fugacity coefficient I use eos2 to simulate the CO2 injection. I set a higher partial pressure 12 for CO2 at the left bottom coner. All other cell is zero. I can not run my model and I have no idea how to solve this porblem. I can not upload the sim file because it is 69KB. the max total szie only 30KB...
  3. Ok Thank you so much
  4. Can I use a large density , such as 1e50 kg/m3, as a constant boundary?
  5. My question is Why low pH caused by carbon dioxide cannot move forward
  6. I downloaded the example from https://www.thunderheadeng.com/petrasim/petrasim-4-documentation/ Example Problem 1, Linear sorption and decay (EOS9). I want to simulate that the low pH caused by CO2 dissolution transport in the domain. Therefore, I modified the example problem 1 I set two Gas zones in the model. CO2 partial pressure is zero in the first zone and it has been set all cells. and then CO2 partial pressure is 10 in the second zone, and it has been set at middle one cell. However, I got resutls like this, low pH only occurs in the cell which is set high partial pressure and it did not move with groundwater flow. Logically, low pH should migrate to the right. But it doesn't。 Is anyone can tell me the reason ? you can find the sim file in the attachment. Thank you so much. treact_prob_1.sim
  7. In my conceptual model, geochemical reaction will produce some clay minerals, and then the clay minerals swelling will clog or block porosity in the reservoir . so, I am not sure if Petrasim can simulate this process?
  8. There are three ways to set a constant boundary in Petrasim, First, set the boundary cells to fixed state; Second, set the boundary cells to 1E50 or more Third, set an extra cell which has large or very large volume, and then connect the extra cell to boundary cell. Actually, I am a beginner for Petrasim, so I am not sure whether these three ways are right. Please let me know if I make mistake, THANKS! My question is that there is a large lake, and my model domain is the bottom of the lake, so what type should I use when I set the top boundary? I focus on pressure, saturation and temperature, I do not know what type boundary is more appropriately. Thank you very much!
  9. wa, Tom Thanks a lot I will try to convert it by gwb. I am doing some model by gwb.. Thansk again. Xiao
  10. I exported permeability vlaues from Plot Line, they should 1E-12, 1E-13 1E-15 However, All of these are Zero. How to solve this problem? Permeabi. 0 0 0 0
  11. OH, can I calculate them by myself ? CO2, H2S and H2 consist of mixed gases. They are injected into my model. I can get them CO2(g), H2S(g), and H2(g), so can I calculate by some method to convert them to aqueous?
  12. I have run my model which describes a process of injection of mixed gases. However, I only get the results of CO2(g), H2S(g). How can I convert them form gas to aqueous? I wish I can get the result of CO2(aq) and H2S(aq).
  13. When I run my model, after 3.4 days, the DT is always 0.01s . Should I wait? Or How can I adjust model parameters? Do you have any suggestions?
  14. Recently, I would like to model the Mixed gases injection process. I have used a Extra Cell as a injection source. However, I do not know how to determine the Air Mass Fraction. Actually, I want to inject a hot mixed gases into a aquifer, and I have known the temperature, but I do not know the partial pressure. Only I known is that the concentration of gas in final water, CO2 is 17mmol/kg. So, How can I set the initial condition at the Extra Cell? When I set the Air Mass Fraction is 0.5 or 0.55, it will stop. The model can run if I set the Air Mass Fraction is 0.6, but it can not reach the final time I set.
  15. Yes you are right The model can run when I change the sg from 0 to 1. but the DT will become 0.01 after run 10 days do u know how to solve this problem? by the way, can the air mass fraction be 0.5 when I want to inject mixed gases?
  16. u Could you help me to modify my model to simulate a process that can inject NaCl and hot mixed gases from Extra Cells? Thank you very much
  17. The results of my model show that the extra cell can inject heat, but it can not inject solute and gas. I do not know why.. Could anyone tell me?
  18. According to Alison's suggestion, I used the Extra Cells to inject a mixed gases which include CO2 and H2S. In my model, the Extra Cell was set as followed : no sources/sinks, and the pressure was set a little bit higher than connected cell, and the density of material was set 1E99. Gas zone: CO2=120, H2S=120 However, the results show that CO2 ranges from 9.72E-6 to 0.000913, and H2S ranges from 0 to 1.20E-24. can anyone tell me how to get a more higher CO2 and H2S?
  19. Thanks I am trying to use the EXTRA cells to implement. I would post my results to share with you if I achieve it .
  20. I am trying to simulate a Hot spring system, actually it is a vapor-dominated system. I would like to build a model that I can inject a hot mixture of gases from the bottom of model. This model is saturated cool groundwater. And the hot gases can mix to cool groundwater, and then some chemical reaction will take place which can change the chemical composition of groundwater. The mixture of gases include CO2, water steam and H2S. Now, I am using TOUGHREACT and EOS3. I am not sure whether it is correct. I have built the model and used the Zone Data/Gas in TOUGHREACT, however, when I check the results, I only find gas in the injected cell, none of the other cells. I do not know why. This is the INJECTION CELL These are other cells:
  21. Actually, I am trying to simulate a vapor dominated system. I wish I can inject Steam (Temperature =250~300C, Pressure =1.5 Mpa) to my system. In that way, I can observe the mixing process of the hot steam and cool groundwater and get the evolution of phase change. By the way, how should I set the boundary condition if I want to inject a mixture of gases, including CO2, water steam, H2S? Can I use the chemical zone in toughreact ? Thank you very much!
  22. Thank you very much! I will try to modify the parameters according to your recommend.
  23. In addition, I wish I can know what the differences between heat in and Enthalpy
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