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  1. Export to JPEG problem

    My coworker found a solution! If you reduce the image size to 25KB or lower, the picture will work just fine. So if you are having a similar issue, try that! Thanks to everyone who researched this for me!
  2. Export to JPEG problem

    Hello again! Thank you for your help three years ago! I was able to get it to work with 800 pixels. I've just started having the same problem again. I've attached a picture example of the Logplot print out. Notice the green fuzzy appearance of the picture in the log. Any ideas why it suddenly stopped working for me? Logplot example.zip
  3. Export to JPEG problem

    I am using version and Build 36 I uploaded the zipfile. Thank you so much!
  4. Export to JPEG problem

    Hey ya'll! I'm having a problem exporting a compiled Log to a JPEG. The imbedded jpeg images are corrupted in the JPEG image of the entire log. They look fine when I compile the Log in LogPlot, but once I open the JPEG of the log, the pictures are very fuzzy and ugly. I've been doing this export function for years and have never had a problem until today. I'm using LogPlot 7. Any ideas for me? Thank you!