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  1. Great Mitch, thanks alot. The new update fixed the problem.
  2. Thank you for the reply. What can I do to get the numbers positive? Is'n there a way to display then without the minus sign? /Tobias
  3. The depth to the left is measured depth (MD), the middle depth is TVDSS (or elevation) calculated from orientation and to the right abs depth also calc. from orientation. The TVDSS depths are correct, I only want them to be shown as possitive. What to do? Here is some data and log design file plus figure: test2.dat Well-log-design_small.zip
  4. Here is some data and design file. test.dat test.zip
  5. Hi, Some of my legends change their layout when compiling. Look at the attachment where the density corr. line is shifted downwards compared to the other legend lines. How to get the same layout? Best regards Tobias
  6. Hi Molly, Thanks for the reply. I have tried using the abs. depth function, but end up with the wrong depth, since it's not taking the elevation height into account when calculating the depth. Look at the difference at the depth in the figure below. Hope you can help me. Best regards Tobias Gram
  7. Hi, How can I get positive depth when using the orientation mode? The normal depth scale is set to positive depth. Best regards Tobias
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