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  1. Hi....thanks for you help TomB, i was suspect something similar, thanks, my problem was the few points to make the model.
  2. Hi TomB, Yes, you are right the differences exist in the original files, I already see that, But my question remains, do not understand how the interpolation gives the result as significant in specific sites. It seems strange this result, I've done this before and I had never given this. Maybe if you made a revised my point data can understand more my doubt, I have attached the file grid data.xls, columns X1, Y1 and Z1 are pre-failure data and columns X2, Y2 and Z2 are the data post- failure, hence generates both grids. Thanks again....Sorry so much trouble
  3. I sent you the grids, first one is "Pre-Failure_SA.grd" and second is "Post_failure_SA.grid", then i do a grid-math grid-grid & grid math subtract (Post_Failure_SA-Pre_Failure) my rockworks15 have revisiĆ³n 2013.8.9, and was update 09/08/2013
  4. Thank you TomB. I have a problem with a grid, I'm trying to do a subtraction of grids but a get some inconsistent data, because in some points the diference between the first and the second grid is too big, you can see the file "grid problem" just uploaded using the link you recommended. Why this problem occurs? you can fix it somehow than go point by point editing the grid? Thanks for you help again..
  5. I need to make a question but i would like to attach some image at the post or send you a file bigger than 21KB how a can do that?
  6. KPC


    Thanks a lot Molly!!!
  7. Hi, everyone!!! I have a simple question.... How i can do a map with a "Hillshade" effect, using rockworks 15? Thanks for you help
  8. Thanks TomB, finally i did it with Excel like you suggest
  9. Hi Tom is me again, I already did everything you said, but no dot undestand after multiplying the length by a factor, as do the map of vectors?, To get the first and original map I used the Utilities Linears | Arrow Map, a was ok, but when i try to make the new map i don't how to use the new length, i don't see the option in the menu, the tool only supports the X and Y data. I used the grafix-3D utilities oriented objects and i got what i want but in 3D, however i need it in a plant view. I upload my data, the file is "Datos_estaciones_ES12.xls" please take a look, and told me how to do it. Thanks a lot for you help again.....
  10. Hi TomB. Thanks for you help, I did what you say, (multiply the Distance of movement by a factor with the Columns | Math | Column & Constant menu command.) but i do not how to do the vector map, because que enter parameters are X1, Y1 and X2,Y2 and I only have the distance multiply by a factor, i am using rockworks 15. How i can do this? Thanks for you help.
  11. Hi everyone! I have a problem with a vector map, when i do the map the arrows appear very small (that is because my movements are very small, too, see the file " I got this"), What I want to do is see the arrows more larger, representatively only for visual effects, see the file " I want some like this". TheThere is a quick way to do this? I hope that you can help me....thanks.
  12. Again, Thanks for you help, Tom!
  13. Hi, everyone! I want to know more about the horizontal lithoblending modeling method. Do you have some bibliografical reference? Thanks!
  14. Hi, everyone. I have a problem with rockworks 15 because i got the follow messaje: Error: UNABLE TO LOCATE SYMBOL FILE ********************************************************** Loading symbol file ".sym" The file that contains the symbol library cannot be located. What can cause this error?. How I can do for fix it? Like always thanks for you help.
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