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  1. Thanks, Tom That helped to a degree. I am attaching a map of ocean temp with depth along a 1700 km transect. The grid was generated using Kriging, Linear, Anistropy ratio of 50. It looks pretty good, but the temp. changes at Y-axis 600 and ~1500 still seem too abrupt. Could this also be a scaling issue? Thanks for your help. brady
  2. Not sure if Surfer 8 is still supported, but I thought I would take a shot. I am trying to make depth contour plots of oceanographic data (in this case, temperature)along a 1700 km transect. We conducted 8 vertical profiles along this transect. When making a contour plot in Surfer 8 the isobars tend to constrict at the actual sampling locations, giving the transition in temperature an unrealistic appearance. The gridding method that gives me the best result is the triangulation with linear interpretation. I have smoothed the data to the nest of my knowledge. Is there some advanced function that will allow me to smooth the transition between isobars when approaching experimental stations? Thanks in advance for any support.
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