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  1. Stratigraphy modelling

    Hello, I have two questions, please help if you can: Firstly I'm trying to create a stratigraphic model of an area near the Dead Sea which composes of grey sediments, halite salt, aragonite and gypsum. Everything would be great if these evaporites were continuous units but they're not, they're actually lenses. Is there a way of showing this? They are shown fine on the lithology model. Secondly, what are my options for importing 3D files such as from GIS, the import option in Rockplot3D only has and option for DXF. files. Thanking you in advance, Yours Sincerely, Hollie Fisher
  2. Rockplo 3D

    Hello, Please see attached file: is there anyway i can 'cut out' some of the upper layer of my lithology model so that it correlates with the elevation map? For example, so that it looks similar to a stratigraphic model (as i cannot create a stratigraphic model as this dataset is full of lenses rather than stratigraphic units. Thanks Hollie
  3. Rockplo 3D

    Thank you very much, this is really helpful Hollie
  4. I've imported a dxf. file into rockplot2D, however what has been created is not the same as the original document and i am unable to apend it with any other rockplot2D file, such as my borehole locations. I think that the project dimensions of the dxf do not match that of my borehole locations, is there any way in which i can change the dimensions of the df. file? Thanks in advance!
  5. DXF files and project dimensions.

    Thank you so much
  6. Problem with UTM Projection

    Hi have imported data from the Jordan area with the data using local eastings and northings projections of 'Safi TM Dead sea, Jordan'. However it keeps taking me to southeast Africa, and I can't change the projection to the Safi TM. Can anyone help?!
  7. Problem with UTM Projection

    Thanks Tom B