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  1. I am attaching the RCL file used to generated the previously attached cross section. I saved it under two files; one with setting in selected branches and the other one with all settings. Edit: When attaching an RCL file, an error pops up saying that, "you are not permitted to upload this kind of file." Additionally, I can not click on your profile, Tom, to get any further information, particularly your email address, which would be an alternative to sending the file.
  2. Hi, I'm having difficulties with the interpolated cross section in rockworks. The model comes out fine with no errors. However, the resolution leaves much to be desired and I was hoping that someone could help me resolve these issues. The first problem is that the cross section does not want to interpolate the lithology at the deepest portions of the subsurface throughout the cross section. Similarily, the other problem is that the lithology does not interpolate at the uppermost region of the subsurface. If anyone could help me with this, it would be greatly appreciated. I'm not quite sure why the model does not interpolate but I would presume it has something to do with the gridding system and the geostatisitical approach to the interpolation process. To generate the cross section model, I just followed the settings that the tutorial uses. I have attached the interpolated cross section and the corresponding borehole location map. Also, for the moderators, I have attached the project file. Your help is greatly appreciated! RockworksExport.txt
  3. Sorry, this topic got posted twice. I am attaching a picture of the image. The Stratigraphy logs is ideally how i'd like the Lithology model to look like, although I obviously don't have as many wells.
  4. Hi, I'm a beginner with this program and I have been having difficulty with displaying lithology logs in 3D as well as displaying cross sectional logs. I have been able to do the tutorials quite easy with the sample data provided, and as such displaying lithology logs and cross sectional logs was easy. However, I am working on displaying lithology logs based off of real data. When I use this data to display three lithology logs, the spacing is too close together. Now, the wells that I am using are only a few meters awhile from eachother, so they are close, but the image generated is too close for my liking. I am seeking some help to make the spacing greater. I have attached the image that has been generated for the lithology logs. For more information about the project I am working on. I went over the tutorial for the project dimensions and how to properly set them up. My project dimensions are as following: Minimum Maximum Spacing Nodes Range X: 2,564,301.8 2,564, 308.2 3.2 3.0 6.4 Y: 398,809.4 398,815.4 3.0 3.0 6.0 Z: 300.0 670.0 2.5 149 370 Is the spacing due to the project dimensions?
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