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  1. Thank you very much for your response. I have downloaded the StereoStat program however I am encountering two issues: First my frequency table (tab delimited format w/ columns "frequency" and "azimuth") will not 'open/import' or 'insert' into a database. I define the columns as '#' and 'trend' or 'strike' and the database shows up empty. Second, I was looking through the rose plot instructions and I do not see where I can specify my pre-existing bins or classes. According to the instructions online I can only define the 'number' of classes, or the 'size' of classes. Any further direction is greatly appreciated. Cheers, Madeline
  2. Hello: I have been extensively using the rose plot function in Rockworks (endpoints and bearings); however I now have a frequency table (degrees with number of occurrences) that I wish to make into a rose plot. Is there any way to do this in Rockworks without me tediously generating a fake data base (e.g. I have 37 occurrences of lineaments with an azimuth of 65° - so I have to type 65° 37 times into excel) and importing it? Thank you.
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