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  1. Thank you Alison. The problem lies in my lithology i think. The thinest layer that i want to reflect is 2 meters, thus my z space value must be 1 (!!!). A good x,y,z spacing must be 50,50,1 but - honestly - i ve already done that - and my project is extremely big and my 4quad pc is too slow.. Maybe i need a better pc unit, or i will have to group my lith items (e.g smallest interval = 10 meters) P.S : I have tried to set z space to 0.5 (i repeat my thinest layer that i want to reflect is 2 meters) and the output is smth like that in my photo. There are small ''steps'' in my surface. I want smth like my 2nd foto (stratigraphy model). Is that possible? Maybe my problem is in my grd file? (i used cell size=50X50 m)
  2. I ve created a lith mod file. My area's dimensions are X=12 km, Y=12 Km, Z= 450 meters.. I ve used spacing 50,50,10 (for x,y, z axis). I know my z spacing is big but, my final output (when i use a lot of verical exag.) is smth like in my atachment file. Any ideas how to smooth those lines? Is it because of vert exag?
  3. Hello I have a study area of about these dimensions: X = 32 Kilometers Y = 32 Kilometers with z minimum of about -350 m and z maximun of 100 meters (total depth 450 m). What x,y,z spacing do you suggest to use? (i want to have a good dense solid model, but an easy to manipulate file also) P.S : I read in the manual "Establish your Project Dimensions (page 99). For lithology models, be sure the X and Y spacing for the nodes is half the average minimum distance between your boreholes, or closer. Be sure the Z (elevation) spacing of the nodes is no greater than the smallest sampling interval in the Lithology data, so that the materials will show up in the model" Is this a quick way - through rockworks software- to determine the average minimum distance between my boreholes? Thanks
  4. Thank you again Tom An other question about lithology profile though: How can i change the font in Profile Selection Map? (Borehole manager->lithology->lithology profile)
  5. Thank you Tom. I reduced the spacing between nodes in the Project Dimensions, and i have smoother lines now..the programm needs a lot of cpu and mem power though:(
  6. Tom thank you for your answers, but this is not what i want to do. I need to smooth the lines that are formed between 2 SUBSURFACE layers (in my 3d lith model)..See my attachment image on my 1st post to understand what i exactly mean:) I have to admit though that i use vert exag of about 20 (?) (i have small borehole depths, relative to my XY area) and maybe tha't s why i have such an output eh? Any other idea?
  7. I have made a lithology model (out of borehole data). I have used the option wrap model based on grid (i previously made one out XYZ data), but the final output is - i think pretty ugly:( Is there any way to have smoother edges on my subsurface layers?
  8. I dont see what i could change in order to achive that (in Z axis - to plot meters in perimeter cage not by 100 meters division, but e.g by 20 meters division). See my Project Dimensions in thumbnail. What should i change? Vertical resolution Z nodes (in advanced options tab?)?
  9. Hello there I am relatively new to rockworks. I have made a new project with specific dimensions (x,y,z, z=elevation in meters). What i want to do is - in Z axis - to plot meters not by 100 meters division, but by 20 meters division. I tried to change it but i couldnt find anywhere how i can do it. Am i missing smth? (you may see my attachment pic)
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