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  1. Dear Tom, i think I didn't explain myself well. I attached the longitudinal section of ramp-13 (one of the ramps in a designed interchange project. The upper surface is the existing elevations of the ground surface from a based grid map that I created based on .dxf file. Now I need to add the red line (the designed elevations along the same cross section. You can see clearly what I mean if you take a look on the .dxf file of the longitudinal ramps, (please find Ramp-13 in this file). I need this in order to see clearly the cut and fill areas on the lithology section. I hope know you can understand my goal. Thanks in advance baseema
  2. I created a lithology cross sections along specific designed ramps in an interchange. I plotted the surface profile from a grid based map that i created. I still need to see the designed elevations along the ramp center line "red line" in order to see the cut and fill areas. how can i do that?
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