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  1. Hi I made Multi-log profile and select the line for the profile selection map is short. When I process this give me the Striplog profile and this give me the X and Y and Z but the letter is to big and I one change the interval for X and Y. How I can change that?
  2. Hi I want to create a holes cross section, but I want to show only the I-data text using a fill style with table based color. Because only see this whit bargraph.
  3. Hi I usually use NAD-27 (Mexico) Zone 13N to some project. But a thing is if the Clarke 1866 work fine. Because whe i use this and try to export a plan view the soft send me to the sea.
  4. Thanks Tom. Take a Time to it. Is too many point.
  5. Hi I have autocad file with topographic polylines. How I can import in to rockworks to use for surface? Thanks
  6. Hi Do it manually, create the file with yout database for holes with east and noth elevation etc. An import in to arcmap display XY, and export to shape file and now you have the location points. And with rockworks create multi-log plan view and export to autocad and only keep the lines for the holes and import feature to line in arcmap.
  7. Hi I usually use only excel file to import the data into the rockworks, and maybe is better if you only select one type for the coodinate system, and you create the "columna" i dont kwon how to traslate, for each. LOCATION NAME/HOLE ID X OR EASTH/EASTING Y OR NORTH/NORTHING ELEVATION/ELEVATION LENGHT/TOTAL DEPTH
  8. Hola Tu base de datos puede funcionar perfectamente con la que tienes en GEMS para poder utilizarla en Rockworks, lo que puedes hacer es importar primero tu COLLAR es lo mismo que LOCATION, solo necesitas ir en Rockworks FILE/IMPORT XLS se abre un ventana nueva y tienes dos pestaƱas una se llama OPTIONS ahi seleccionas el archivo que quieres abrir y vas seleccionando lo mismo HOLE ID/NAME , X OR EASTH/EASTING Y OR NOTH/NORTHING , ELEVATION/ELEVATION, LENGHT/TOTAL DEPTH tienes que hacer que coincidan tus columnas con las pestaƱas del rockworks. El SURVEY es ORIENTATION en rockworks tienes que hacer el mismo metodo de importacion. I can help you in rockworks if you can help me en GEMS. Regards
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