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  1. I am trying to run a mixing fluids simulation, but everytime I try to import my data from GSS spreadsheet I get the followiing message: Solving for initial system. Loaded: 202 aqueous species, 175 minerals, 2 gases, 0 surface species, 29 elements, 21 oxides. Reading conductivity data from: C:\Program Files (x86)\Gwb\Gtdata\conductivity.dat N-R didn't converge after 999 its., maximum residual = 20.7, Xi = 0.0000 Largest residual(s): Resid Resid/Totmol Cbasis --------------------------------------------------------- Ag+ -9.991e-09 20.73 4.614e-20 --------------------------------------------------------- I have tried this with a number of different samples but with a similar error (often just with a different element). I have looked up the responses to other posts with similar problems but none of them seem to explain my data. I am attaching the dataset to this post with the hope that someone can give me some pointers in how to resolve it. Any explanation to why this dataset doesn't work may help me to solve the problem with the others. Stage 1.gss Cheers
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