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  1. I forgot to mention that your client can download and use our RockPlot3D stand alone program which is free and available from our website.

    Thanks for the response. I will see if they wouldn't mind doing that, or if they can accept a figure that doesn't rotate in PDF :P

    Side question on a similar note. Is the .r3dxml the only file path you can save 3D models or can they be saved so that they can be viewed on arc (or is arc compatible with the .r3dxml documents)?


  2. Hello,

    I am trying to develop a CSM for a client and the best way to send it to them is through PDF. I have Acrobat X Pro, which allows for 3D models to be uploaded sot hat when a client opens the file, they can rotate the image. However, it only accepts a few file formats and .r3dxml is not one of them. Is there any way to save a 3D model into a different file format, aside from the .JPG, .BMP, etc. Preferrably, if it could be saved as a .3dxml, that would be great.



  3. Hello Rafaela,

    I had the hardest time figuring out how to import excel files that I actually just gave up and did it individually. I haven't really looked at import methods, but what I have been doing seems to work very easily for me. If you have all your boreholes in excel, open up the file you saved your work in and there should be a Microsoft Access file there. If you open that, it has all the headings you have on the borehole manager tabs (Location, lithology, stratigraphy, etc.) If you open the location tabs in Access, it will have the "excel spreadsheet" look. If you have your excel data look like the access file (leave a lot of the stuff blank), you can paste it in pretty easily. As long as you paste work in to match what the access file looks like, you should have no problem. I usually highlight the whole line when I paste.

    You can do this for stratigraphy and lithology as well, just put a 0 or -1 if you want it to be in the legend and add your info in. It really becomes useful when you have tons of data. I had over 5000 data sets to put into the p-data and doing this allowed me to import it all in 30 min.....quite effective. Send me an email if you like this idea and can't get it to work, I can add screenshots.

    Hope this helps :D



    I'm starting to work with Rockworks 2006 and I have to import borehole data from GMS 6.5 to use in this software.

    I have an excel file, but I have no idea how to open it in rockworks. Can anybody help me?

    Thanks in advance!


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