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  1. Pore Expansivity

    Thank you Alison.
  2. Pore Expansivity

    Is the Pore Expansivity (1/C) in PetraSim actually the thermal expansion or something else? I'm trying to figure out what values I should be putting into the field, but I'm still not sure what it actually is. Thanks
  3. I have a question about differing CO2 injection rates between a single-layer radial model and a multi-layer radial model. I generated a single-layer model with an injection rate of 18 kg/s but when I add additional rock layers above and below the model I can only inject at about 5 kg/s without simulation failure. I'm curious about why this is happening because I had assumed the multi-layer model would have a higher injection rate with more rock layers for leakage and vertical movement of fluid. (The parameters of the layer being injected into do not change between models except for the addition z perm) I'm not particularly savvy with all the mechanics behind this process and am looking for help in understanding the simulation behavior. Thanks
  4. Hello, I'm a new PetraSim user with relatively no experiance with this type of program but I've been attempting to learn it for the past 5 months. I've gone through the ThunderHead tutorials without too much trouble but recently when I try to run almost any kind of simulation I run into some problems. These problems consist of random system crashes before running the simulation, no production of output files, and inconsistancy with running previously functional simulations. I was wondering if there were any updates coming out soon to fix these kinds of problems or if there was anything I could do myself to mitigate them. To add on to this topic, I've discovered what actions bring out these errors: Editing material data after a simulation run, editing materials of grid layers, and rerunning a simulation after editing in Solution Controls. Solution Found: Going through a reinstallation fixed most of the problems, I assume there was an error in the initial download of the program. Still occasionally throws out a "Fatal Error" but way better now.