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  1. Network License Error

    Hi all, As the topic states, I get this error message when I try to open Rockworks15. This started after it crashed once. I've tried all the obvious measures to get it working again, but with no luck. I'd appreciate it if someone could shed some light on this one. I'm definitely not logged in! Thanks
  2. LogPlot Freezing Up

    Hi all, Throwing a line out there to see if any can offer their wisdom on my problem. I have encountered some glitchy behaviour. Specifically, clicking in any data table region to enter data will freeze the program completely. From the outset, would this be an update issue, a configuration issue, or something else entirely? I'm a fresh user and a search of this forum probably wasn't thorough enough, but I'd appreciate any help that could be offered. Kindly, Matt Turner
  3. LogPlot Freezing Up

    Molly, Thankyou, that fixed the problem. It was a rookie error of my own; not having configured my remote desktop correctly! I really appreciate your quick reply, and I'm thankful it wasn't a real problem! Matt